Discipling Guys is where it all started. We have a passion for a generation of young men to be raised up in strong leadership. To be fathers in a fatherless generation. To tackle head on the crisis in leadership that we see in today’s church and to breathe life into the Body.

Soul Edge gets its name from its affiliation with Soul Survivor, but also its stated intention to push you to the EDGE of your mental, physical and spiritual walks! We do not intend to apologize for the number of challenges we set!

In 2015, like in 2014 and 2013, we combined the epicness of our Guys course, with the distinctives of our Girls course, to create one all encompasing co-ed session! We are not lowering the bar, we are raising it!


This will be the best experience of your life so far, but its just the start of an adventure that will only get more encapsulating as you continue to run towards Jesus.

Ollie Jeffs Boys Course 2010

2016 Course Information


Starts January 7th runs to May 30th
January 7th – March 30th in Herbert, Canada  TRAINING, ADVENTURES and SHORT MISSIONS
April 1st - May 30th in Pelican Narrows, Saskatchewan for MISSION


Herbert, Saskatchewan (Canada) and an eight week outreach with the FIRST NATIONS people in Northern Saskatchewan, Canada.


How much? $7,250.00CAD plus round trip flight to Canada-UK
What does that include? Food, accommodation, adventures, outreach, pretty much everything you need when you are here!
What’s not included? Initial flight to Canada, extra spending money
Age Range: 17-22 Girls and Guys 
What do you need? Click here to see our kit list

Be sure to check our our mission trip below!

Long Term Mission for 2016 in the Land of Northern Lights

Pelican Narrows

Have you heard of the First Nations People in Canada? No? Well neither have all the other Mission and Christian Gap year organizations in Europe and the UK. In fact, we hardly ever hear about them! 

Do something different with your Gap year! We have been leading missions to Pelican Narrows, a First Nations Community in Northern Saskatchewan now for years, as well as our longer mission to Africa. However, we have come to realize that we see God move so powerfully, and everyone LOVES Pelican narrows so much that it makes more sense for us to move our outreach based to a new home, here in the North! 

The First Nations people are by definition the first people (Aborigional Peoples) who inhabited Canada before the influx of settlers from Europe. They are a proud and wonderful people, and we are honored to be welcomed into their community, to fight alongside them for love, justice and change. Take a look at the video below, and send us an email, and we can send you a fact sheet about our new base! 

God is moving so powerfully here, and its mind blowing to be a part of it! We do miss the red soil of Africa on our shoes, but the ministry is no less powerful, it is in our own language, and it is just as memorable! 

Oh yeh, and instead of climbing Mt. Kenya, we'll be doing loads of mountians in Canada- as always, PLUS an epic canoe adventure at the end of the course!

A glimpse into mission

Base update in Pelican Narrows, SK

2016 Leaders

Team Leader: Sebastian Gray 

Since loving every minute of Soul Edge in 2010, Seb spent two years trainning at Rock UK attaining his mountain leader qualification. He spent 2013, 2014 and 2015 with us leading the team and we are so excited to have him back again. He inspires adventure and models what it means to be a passionate follower of Jesus. Seb has also lead teams for World Challenge and countinues to extend his knowledge in the outdoors.

Assistant Team Leader: Marc Allez 

Marc was on our 2013 program and is an influencer where ever he goes. Marc carries a passion for Jesus and his word in a way that is inspirational. He thrives on mission and has such a heart for the First Nations people. Marc is a great footballer, mountain biker and is good at pretty much anything he tries. We know that he is going to be a huge blessing to all those coming on this years program as he has also been leading for the last couple of years. He is a stand out leader, discipler and theologian.   

Teaching Faculty : Mrs Kiri Jane Erb

Kiri has been involved in Soul Edge since co-leading the 2009 Girls course. Kiri has ministered and lived on a number of continents, and has a passion for discipleship and sound, powerful doctrine. Ministering in the power of the Holy Spirit is also something that she loves to educate followers of Jesus about! She also is Mom to two very busy toddlers, Caleb and Lydia!

Director: Joshua Erb

As a Director Josh has been influential in Soul Edge and not only has led every Soul Edge course so far in the past 10 years either in a base leader or teaching capacity. Josh has proved himself to be somewhat of a fearless leader in everything from ice climbing to fixing vehicles in the middle of a desert!

Both Josh and Kiri Erb are Pastors of Crossroad's church, SK. Josh is an ordained minister through Life links, and started his ministry vocation at 18 personally interning with Mike Pilavachi of Soul Survivor International, ministering around the world.


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2013 promo

Soul Edge 2013 Promo (4th Cut) from Soul Edge on Vimeo.

Soul Edge Teams Past and Present